Dental Insurance Plan

Dental Insurance PlanDental coverage is an important component of most Group Insurance plans. Available services can be grouped into three different categories as follows:

  • Routine or Basic Coverage - Recall exams, scaling/polishing, diagnostic services, basic restorative services, periodontal and endodontic services, oral hygiene and fillings
  • Major Dental - Crowns, bridgework, dentures, inlays and on-lays
  • Orthodontics - Procedures and equipment coverage

Similar to healthcare coverage, the cost of a dental insurance plan or dental benefits can be managed in a number of ways. Some cost containment measures include the use of various co-insurance options, deductibles, coverage limits or recall periods.

Speaking with one of our licensed advisors is the best way to ensure that you select the right level of dental coverage.

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Understanding How a Dental Insurance Plan Can Benefit Your Business and Employees

There’s a wide range of reasons why a company decides to offer dental coverage as a benefit to their employees. The goal of any company dental insurance plan is to help keep a company's workforce healthy, keep employees happy and attract new people. A comprehensive dental plan will do a terrific job at achieving each of these goals.