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RRSP? TFSA? Which is the answer for you? When it comes to investment planning, there’s always a lot of questions. Long-term retirement planning or short-term financial goals? RRSP or TFSA? Tax-differed or tax-free? First, what exactly are TFSAs and RRSPs? A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) generates growth that is tax-free. On the other hand, a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) compounds your savings and provides tax-deferred growth that is taxable but offers a variety of […]

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RRSPs – Time is flying by

Time is flying by—your retirement is closer than you think. We have all experienced time passing faster than expected. A week or a month getting away from us, a summer passing by in the blink of an eye, another birthday comes around and we wonder where all that time went. Watch out! This applies to your retirement as well, as many Canadians are finding out each year. They meant to make or review their financial […]

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Don’t Take The Bait – Follow The Fundamentals – Investing

When it comes to saving for your financial goals it’s important to stick with the fundamentals of investing. Far too often we see clients and prospects that stray and pay the price. You really must have discipline and remove the emotion out of your process. In times of rising tides, we become overconfident in our ability to predict outcomes. A bull market at the end of its run is full of investors who feel they […]

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Inheritance: Talking with your heirs.

Conversation with your heirs about their inheritance is invaluable.   While the biggest inter-generational transfer in Canadian history is taking place right now, a recent poll by IPC Private Wealth indicates the majority of affluent Canadians are keeping their heirs in the dark on how they plan to pass on their wealth. Unfortunately, this lack of communication between parents and children is causing doubt and confusion among heirs and heightens the risk of many benefactors […]

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When aging parents need financial help

When you think of parents becoming seniors and getting older, typical concerns around health issues come to mind. But financial issues can also arise. This article explores some of the ways adult children can help. As they age, your parents may suffer a loss in cognitive abilities or may simply lack awareness of financial planning issues relevant to later years. Your involvement will not only help your parents, it will most likely make life easier for you.

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Investments for When Life Happens

As you journey through life, your personal and financial and goals will change over time. Some of your goals may have a five-year focus while others may have a 10-year horizon or be as far out as retirement.
Your short-term investment goals may be as simple as saving enough to put a down payment on a home or to buy your first car. When saving money for near-term purchases like these, protecting your money while still getting modest investment growth will be important to you.

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A Special Thanks!

Special Thanks to all the players, sponsors and donors who participated in our 11th annual Charity Classic Golf Tournament! It was a huge success and a great day! A total amount of $10,000 was raised! We were happy to provide $5,000 for the benefit of the Geneva Centre for Autism, $2,500 for the Jake Thomas Trust and $2,500 for the Gerry Tanner Memorial Scholarship. Wow! We could not have done this without you. If you want […]

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Brett Tanner Interview With Humble & Fred August 14, 2018

Chambers Plan – Group Benefits & Insurance For Small Business Brett Tanner is interviewed on The Humble & Fred Radio Show August 14, 2018 Discussion On The Influence of Technology On Group Benefits Should Small Businesses Buy Group Benefits Online? Find Out What Technology Can Do To Help A Small Business. Chamber Of Commerce Group Benefits – Insurance For Small Business – Benefit Plans For Small Business Please click below to listen to the Brett Tanner […]

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Estate Planning

Estate planning may be more difficult for a blended family.

While the largest wealth transfer in Canadian history is happening, we are also observing a lack of communication between parents and children. According to a recent IPC Private Wealth poll, 58% of Canadians haven’t had this talk with their heirs, 46% intend to, and 12% don’t ever plan to. And the conversation gap may be even wider in blended families (i.e. children from a first marriage that ended in divorce and from a second marriage that is still intact).

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